John Thomas

November 2010

May 2, 2011

In November John Thomas got to celebrate his fifth birthday multiple times. He had his first birthday party with school friends. We had about 8 boys over for 2 hours and they had a great time. Hot dogs and chocolate cupcakes were served with blue icing.

Cupcake '5'
The next weekend, the day after the Santa Clause Parade of Lights, we had family and some close friends over to celebrate again. The kids took a break outside, enjoying the freshly fallen snow.
Enjoying the snow with his buddy.
His new cousin, Danika, came for the party. We're sure he's looking forward to her getting to the walking stage so they can play. She was only a month old on his fifth birthday.
First cousins!
Amongst the many presents he received, he got Clones Wars pyjamas and fishing pole. He practiced extensively in the basement.
Star Wars Fisherman

As is the case each year, John Thomas had great fun with the Christmas decorations once they came out.

Two elves, ready for Christmas.
Nana Fran, Mom and John Thomas