John Thomas

October Update

April 20, 2011

In John Thomas' second month of French Immersion he really enjoyed "teaching" his parents French. The subject was usually the weather, and he could also often be heard singing O Canada in French. School pictures were taken in October. John Thomas seems to have finally figured out how to smile normally on demand. I think he's ready for the Sears catalogue.

Posed with accessory

John Thomas started Basketball. He very much enjoyed all the running, and his dribbling improved immensely over the season.

Trying anything he can to steal the ball from Dad.
Can't catch me!

John Thomas maximized his enjoyment of fallen leaves this autumn.

John Thomas and buddy Ryan in our backyard.
Near the sitter's in the leaves with his buddies.
Diving in on the neighbour's front lawn.

His interest in costumes remained high throughout the month, and plummeted as soon as Halloween was over.

Cuddly lion
Clone Trooper Commander Fox on ice!
Is he ready to Trick-or-Treat or is he ready to battle?