John Thomas

July Update

September 24, 2010

John Thomas took swimming lessons the first two weeks of July. We also enjoyed the warm weather by going to the Calypso water park and the neighbour's pool.

Swimming with Daddy in the neighbour's pool.

We went camping at the KOA in Cardinal for the first time (we had heard lots of good reports from friends) with Emma, Ethan and their parents. John Thomas enjoyed the entire weekend. There was lots of swimming, jumping on the jumping pillow, marshmallow roasting, riding bikes and a hay ride.

Evaluating marshmallow for devouring.

John Thomas had a really long play date with Ryan one Saturday. It lasted about 10 hours before anyone got cranky. They played in the basement, played at the park, played at the splash pad, had a water fight with Dad at home, and ended the day dresses as "twins".

Running away from battle with Ryan.
Both dressed in bright orange shirts and navy blue pants as twins.

We also enjoyed raspberries from our raspberry bush. John Thomas particularly enjoys putting them on his fingers as little caps or hats before he eats them.

And during the month of July, John Thomas improved his mastery of riding a two-wheeler without training wheels. We went to watch the Canada Day fireworks from Tunney's Pasture, and brought his bike along to help pass the time. That evening he figured out how to get started on his bigger two-wheeler on his own, no longer needing a beginning push off from Mom or Dad.