John Thomas

August Update

October 31, 2010

We had a good August, with a few short get aways. Mom and John Thomas went to visit friends at a cottage for a day, and spent a lot of time in the lake. The next week the three of us went to Mont Tremblant and stayed with Aunt Madelaine, Nan and Nanna Fran. John Thomas got to enjoy the "luge" run, and adventurous bike trail, and the bungee trampoline as well as the pool.

Warming up on the bungee trampoline

On our way home from Mont Tremblant, we decided to go through Park Omega for the first time. We were all enthralled with the animals, and how bold some of them were in their efforts to get carrots.

John Thomas feeding the deer.
The rarely seen Park Omega Bunny Rabbit.

And here we captured our first photo of John Thomas confidently riding his two-wheeler without any training wheels.

Look at him go!