John Thomas


May 8, 2010

John Thomas and the boys at the sitter have really been excited about super heroes for the last few months. More recently, John Thomas has been really excited about dressing up like super heroes. He loves his Spider-Man and Iron Man pyjamas, and now likes to put together whatever he can, to dress up as other super heroes.

Dressed as Batman in a borrowed costume.
Shock Trooper costume made with the help of Mommy and friends from Vermont.
John Thomas as Blue Beetle and Mom as Padme Amidala.

We heard about Free Comic Book Day on the radio, and decided we should all go, especially when we heard members of the 501st Legion would be there at The Comic Book Shoppe. When we arrived, they were already outside.

Snow Trooper, Dad, John Thomas, Boba Fett and a member of the Imperial Guard.
Imperial Guard tries to ease John Thomas' fears by removing his mask.
John Thomas was surprisingly shy when it came to the Star Wars characters. They were incredibly nice and did their best to make him at ease, by showing him their faces under their masks/helmets, or explaining their gear. We also met a lot of super heroes inside the shop: two Green Lanterns, SuperGirl, M Frost, Lt Uhura, Aqua Man and some we didn't recognize. John Thomas seemed really enthralled by it, and we let him pick out a special Clone Trooper to buy in addition to the free comics we were going to bring home.

In February our friends from Vermont came up for a visit and we met to take in Winterlude. John Thomas wasn't up for the long skate, so we brought the stroller and took turns pushing him on the ice. He enjoyed the traditional BeaverTail and took in some art.

A "recycled" spider.
Meeting the Ice Hogs.

In April we headed to Vermont to celebrate Easter with our friends. We all had a great time. There were multiple Easter related hunts, lots of play on the trampoline, a campfire with marshmallows, and we even climbed a mountain.

Hanging off a branch at the top of Mount Philo.

John Thomas has continued to work on his letters. He now recognizes letters in his name, and will remark when he sees a simple sign, "Hey, that letter is in my name!" He was writing his name as JOOTH for a month or two, but is starting to realize there are more letters to John Thomas and sometimes now writes ten letters with some combination of Js, Os, Ts and Hs.

In the last week or so he has started riding the smaller of his two wheeler bicycles without training wheels. He has a little difficulty starting, but is fine once he gets going. Unfortunately we haven't caught any pictures of him in action yet. John Thomas' skating has continued to improve, particularly since he was able to articulate that his skates were being tied too tight.

There was a little performance in John Thomas' class on Friday for Mother's Day. The children sung a couple of songs, and adorned their mother's with multiple gifts.

Singing Skinamarinky dinky dink.
John Thomas gave me a little jar of Hershey Kisses decorated with fingerprint ladybugs, a coloured pasta necklace, a little poem, and a purse shaped card that I was not allowed to open until we got home. Also, we got to see all the chicks that hatched. The class had an incubator with eggs for the last few weeks, and now there are 9 little chicks in what used to be the sandbox.
John Thomas looking on the chicks.

It's been a great few months. We're all looking forward to a wonderful summer together.