John Thomas

Holidays and the New Year

January 31, 2010

Until recently, John Thomas did not have much interest or ability to draw much of anything. This past month, we've seen him start to write some of the letters in his name, and some rudimentary stick figures.

He was proud to tell Mommy he wrote 'J' (in blue) 'O' (in green) and 'T' (in blue).
Daddy is the tall one on the left, Mommy the shorter on the right.

John Thomas finished the fall session of skating lessons in December, and we put him in the following session. He can glide on the ice occasionally, but only shows his speed when sufficiently motivated.

Trying to touch his nose, for Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes.
Winking at Mommy.
Enjoying his skating lesson.
His skills are improving incrementally, but consistently. After a couple of lessons where they try scraping the ice, he is much better at it.
Practicing making snow.
Doing rotations.

Christmas was very exciting this year. It was his first year to be excited about Santa. Last year he was frightened of Santa, and asked Mom and Dad to tell him not to come. This year, shortly after we started decorating for Christmas, he asked Mommy to call Santa right away to make sure he would come. We met Santa at the mall the first day he arrived. John Thomas seemed the most excited kid there. He was jumping up and down as soon as Santa arrived, and moved to hug him right away.

Hugging Santa
Shortly after, John Thomas got his picture taken with Santa, and was able to tell him in person that he wanted a robot for Christmas.
Opening gifts from Santa
On Christmas morning, the big gift from Santa was Optimus Prime, Transformer (robot in disguise) and leader of the Autobots.
Optimus Prime
Uncle Rob and Nadine hosted Christmas dinner this year. In between opening gifts and sitting down for dinner, John Thomas entertained himself with his fine drumming skills.
Drum Solo!

For New Years Eve, we had a few friends and their kids over for a little party. Amazingly, everyone managed to stay awake until midnight.

Practicing with Daddy for the party.
Happy New Year!

Overall, it's been a pretty good month or so. Knock on wood that the rest of winter will continue on this way.