John Thomas

June Update

August 27, 2010

In April John Thomas' Uncle Rob got married in Hawaii, and in June we attended the local reception. John Thomas got to have two of his second cousins sleep over in his room (girls in the other room), and he was very excited to have them over. Once they arrived, he was particularly bowled over by the fact that his oldest cousin also had Nerf Guns. It was wonderful to see the kids get down and dance at the reception.

John Thomas' righteous dance moves.
The climax of the reception for John Thomas was when the Bride's cousin came in dressed up as a Scout Trooper. All the kids quickly surrounded him.
Wielding the Scout Trooper's weapon.

John Thomas continued to love dressing up as superheroes or Star Wars characters. Here he and James were Jango and Boba Fett.

Daddy as Boba, John Thomas as Jango.

Over the summer John Thomas has enjoyed lots of water play at the sitter's. Here he is wielding a water gun, ready for battle.

Don't mess with this guy.

In June we also got our first taste of the Calypso Water Park. John Thomas' favorites are the wave pool and the lazy river. We all went about 3 times in June, shortly after they opened.