John Thomas

May Update

August 24, 2010

It's been a full and fun summer. So we'll start with the update for May. John Thomas began the end of school year wrap up by performing the Three Piggy Opera (basically a musical version of the Three Little Pigs). He and his classmates had been practicing for a few months.

Performing the Three Piggy Opera at school.

We had been to the Museum of Nature a few times over the last year, while it was under construction it was free Saturday mornings. We checked it out again when it re-opened and decided to splurge on a membership. John Thomas knows it as the Dinosaur Museum or Castle Museum and enjoys each visit.

Ride on the Woolly Mammoth.
Expedition boat at the Museum of Nature.
James and John Thomas via the thermal camera at the Museum of Nature.

In May John Thomas started Blast Ball (a.k.a. T-ball). He was on the green team and seemed to have the most fun when it was his turn at bat.

T-ball practice.

With a few hot days in May, we pulled out the kiddie pool to cool off. This was our second water fight in a week, and not the last one yet for the summer.

Waterfight with the neighbours.