John Thomas

Our Kindergartener

September 12, 2009

Yesterday, John Thomas went to his first day at school. A week ago he met his teacher for the first time.

Ready to meet Miss Debbie
Meeting his teacher went very well. He seemed comfortable in the classroom right away.

Ready for his first day of school.
He didn't seem very nervous for his first day of school. Of course, his buddy Ryan, who he has been looked after with since he was 11 months old was going with him, probably helped quite a bit. He has expressed some concern over taking the bus, but he walked with the boys and his sitter on his first day. He will start taking the bus on his second day of school.

Mommy couldn't wait to hear first hand how his first morning at school went, so she met up with him, the boys, and the sitter at the school when class let out. He seemed very happy with the experience.

End of his first day at school.
He was slim on details, but definitely happy and excited about the day.

On the Labour Day weekend John Thomas and Daddy went to visit friends at the KOA Campground in Cardinal. The boys had a great day, despite the fact that John Thomas skipped his nap. He did all kinds of activities including: swimming, jumping on the jumping pillow, hay ride, outside movie, Play Doh. Except for a short wake up at 5:30am, he slept until nearly 10am the next day.

With the kids.
Ready for the hay ride.