John Thomas

May 6, 2009

Warming up at basketball

Well we didn't end up having John Thomas in the spring session of basketball. We were finding the scheduling of it a little difficult, but will likely try again in the fall. John Thomas had a good time there, particularly the running around the gym to warm up.

Pausing for the camera
With all the snow gone now, and about a month of good weather, John Thomas now very confidently peddles around on his tricycle. He hadn't managed to figure it out last fall, but with a couple of weeks of solid practice this spring he is a pro now. He can peddle so fast that his feet come off the peddles. Unfortunately he has taken to using his shoes as breaks.

Shortly after the snow melted, John Thomas' grandmother couldn't resist buying him a new two-wheeler with training wheels. He tried it out, but quickly got frustrated as it was a little too big for him. We're sure with the way he is growing that he'll fit it nicely by the end of the summer.

A month or two ago we picked up this digital camera from Canadian Tire for $40. Now we can let John Thomas take pictures himself, without worrying about him dropping our big digital SLR Camera. He hasn't taken any good pictures yet, but is having fun with it, like he did at Daddy's final hockey game.
With Daddy at the end of the hockey game

Proudly leading his battalion of Clone Troopers
John Thomas' love of Star Wars has continued on. His Star Wars action figures are one of the few toys that he plays with nearly every day. This past Saturday we went to a garage sale and were able to pick up a couple of light sabers. Light saber battles are now a daily occurrence.

Checking out his blueberry stained tongue in the mirror

We are all enjoying the good weather we've been having this spring so far and spending lots of time outside. Activities are varied, but its always lots of fun.

Riding on top of a skateboard down the driveway with Kyra

John Thomas has started wearing underwear to bed instead of diapers now. We are having mixed success, but usually stopping liquids two hours before bedtime is successful.