John Thomas

Friendly Neighbourhood SpiderMan

March 10, 2009

Spaghetti is still a favorite meal.

John Thomas is still in the no-man's land between needing and not taking naps. We had cut them out completely for about a month or so, and things were going well. He would fall asleep very quickly at 7:30. Then he got hit by a bad cold, and we needed to let him have a little sleep. So now we're trying to keep some kind of normal with 45-60 minute nap, and still going to bed around 7:30.

He's continued to enjoy running around the gym in soccer and basketball. He had his last soccer session this past weekend, and next weekend will be the last basketball session. We hope to get him in the next session of basketball starting in April as well as gymnastics.

Engrossed in a Spider-Man book from the library.

SpiderMan has become his latest obsession. He definitely prefers to wear his SpiderMan underwear over any other kind. And the last couple of times we've taken him to the library he always wants to get a SpiderMan or Hulk book. The latest addition has been the SpiderMan pyjamas his Grandma brought him back from her visit to Toronto. He wore them every night for a week before we were able to get him in something else. They are especially special as they come with a mask.

Spinning a web.
Action moves.

Daddy bought him a hollow SpiderMan "Easter" chocolate, and it was funny to watch him attempt to eat a hollow piece of chocolate for the first time.