John Thomas

Getting Ready

July 9, 2009

The past few months Mom and Dad have been thinking about what we need to teach John Thomas to do to be ready for Junior Kindergarten in the fall. Mom's mental list included: putting on/taking off his own shoes, putting on/taking off his own jacket, and wiping his own butt. He has mastered the shoes, has been able to remove his jacket for a while now, but haven't had much opportunity to practice putting it on, and we've started working on him wiping his own butt.

We seem to have figured out the right pattern for keeping John Thomas dry at night. No liquids after dinner, a pee right before bed, and then a quick wake-up at 10:30pm for one last pee. It's worked without fail for over a month now. Mom and Dad are switching back and forth who stays up for the 10:30 wake-up.

John Thomas has started playing with a 5 year old girl who moved in across the street during the winter. She is willing to indulge him and play guns, likes to share her swing set with him, and has adjusted to his peeing outside in the garden regularly. They enjoy riding their bikes around the cul-de-sac together, and last week she pulled out her plasma cars to race around on.

We had a pretty full May, with birthdays and Mother's Day to celebrate.

Looking handsome on Mother's Day on our way to brunch.
With Grandma and Dad on Mother's Day.
Having a birthday lunch in the backyard with Granpa.

We attended the Blackburn Hamlet Fun Fair. We didn't take in any rides this year, but enjoyed our pancake breakfast, and John Thomas rode his trike in the parade.

Near the start of the parade.
Pancake breakfast.

John Thomas has been having lots of fun building forts out of the couches the last month or so. When he builds them on his own, it tends to be just a pile of cushions though.

Hiding in his fort.

For the week of Canada Day we rented a cottage near Bouchette in Quebec. A couple of weeks before we left, John Thomas had started to swim on his own. Just for a foot or two, and only in water shallow enough that he could stand up in, but definitely swimming completely on his own. We were a little surprised when he wasn't interested in the lake at the cottage. As it was a rocky entry, that required you go in off the dock, he hardly went in at all. He had lots of fun with water gun fights, wild strawberry picking, listening to Dad's scary stories, and watching Star Wars movies when it was raining outside.

Listening to Dad tell a scary story at lunch.
Joyously shooting his water gun into the air.

The fascination with Star Wars continues. It is not uncommon to hear him threaten to freeze someone in carbonite (as Darth Vader did to Han Solo in Episode 5). Mom bought him a couple of Star Wars t-shirts this week, and he proudly wears them while sporting his R2-D2 backpack and Star Wars gun.

Ready for a battle - Star Wars style.

We've had to move him into all size 4 clothing now, as he was starting to look a little silly in the tight little size 3 t-shirts. He really is getting to be a big boy now, and we think he'll do wonderfully in Kindergarten come September.

All geared up and practicing for hockey.