John Thomas

Our Three Year Old

January 23, 2009

The new year has started off with a lot of activity for John Thomas. His sleeping habits are changing a little, and we are sometimes finding it hard to get him to sleep before 9pm, where he used to crash at 8pm. Taking away his nap doesn't work, as he just gets too cranky. So we try to wear him out. We've bought a Cosmic Adventures membership for him, and we've already been a few times. He can tear it up in the big kid section now. Without hesitation he will make his way past kids several years older than him to get to where he wants to go.

We have also signed him up for indoor soccer and basketball. He had his first sessions last weekend. When we got to soccer he couldn't wait to run!

We had arrived a little early, and the previous session was still going on. As soon as they cleared the floor he ran like a wild man. He had a good nap that day. The next day was basketball, and while he had a bit of trouble following instruction, he seemed to have a great time... as did Daddy.

In addition to the new sports, the new year has brought John Thomas to the next phase in potty training, wearing underwear full time during waking hours. He's been doing very well with it, with minimal accidents. We started Boxing Day and he was totally ready for it.

Since the last update on John Thomas we had a great time watching the Santa Clause Parade of Lights with friends. John Thomas eagerly received the candy canes this year, then quickly passed them to Mom for safe-keeping. He kept on creeping closer to the action, and Mom would have to bring him back.

John Thomas' birthday was celebrated over several days. The first being the day before his birthday, where he dug into an ice cream cake with two of the three children of our neighbours'. He got to blow out the candles for the third time that week and was so excited to do so.

On the day of his birthday, he got taken out to Red Lobster by his Grandma with Mom and Dad. He was extremely happy with the Star Wars ship and action figure that he got to open from her at the restaurant.

Then a day or two later all three children of the neighbours' came over to help finish what was left of the ice cream cake.

The Sunday after his birthday we had his "family" party, which included a couple of friends. He loved the balloons we got for the occasion, and was wowed by the Star Wars toys.

He refused to open another present until Mom freed all of the action figures of their packaging.
Despite his focus on the Star Wars toys that day, I can assure everyone who was there that he has played with everything he has received, and enjoyed them thoroughly. It just took him a week to look past Star Wars.

Overall, the last couple of months have been going well. John Thomas is still a pretty good eater, but he is getting a little pickier. Nothing unreasonable though. He's starting to be able to concentrate on non-physical activities for longer, such as painting, or Play-Doh with Mommy. His favorite clothing item is Pajamas, any pair will do. He's learning to work the DVD player and VCR, but not quite well enough to run them on his own. He had a little growth spurt the month before Christmas and shot up to 39 1/2". We're very happy with how he's doing, and sure he's going to have a great time in September when he starts Junior Kindergarten.

Wearing his favorite type of clothing - pyjamas.