John Thomas

Our Little Fish

August 14, 2009

Yesterday, John Thomas swam unassisted in water deeper than he, for the first time.

Swimming underwater
Swimming above water
Earlier in the summer he had done a tiny bit of swimming (a foot or two at a time), but only in water where he could still touch the bottom. Last night we convinced him to take off his floaties while at our neighbour's pool, and try a little swimming. After a tentative minute or two, he quickly became as confident in the water without floaties, as he is with them. He would swim up to 4 our 5 feet before he started to look like he was struggling and Mom and Dad would step in to help.
He would jump off Daddy's shoulders with glee over and over again, as well as off the side of the pool

We have had a great summer so far. It has included a lot of pool time. With the neighbours, at a couple of pool parties and at various public pools.

James and John Thomas with Nyssa and Kyra, in their pool.
Water gun fight at a pool party
Enjoying the trampoline at another pool party.

John Thomas went with Mom and Nan to Uncle Joel's farm for a day, and had a blast. He got to play with all his second cousins, pet a horse, feed a horse, ride a horse, play in the barn, swing on a rope swing, play on the trampoline and even ride on an ATV.

The boys trying to organize retrieving apples to feed the horses.
A pony ride with his cousin Austin.
Enjoying the rope swing.
Mom was impressed at how comfortable he was petting a horse through the fence this year, as last year he couldn't manage to do it. Unfortunately at the end of the day he cut himself playing in the barn, but he seemed to get over it fast. The next day at home, he asked when we were going again.

John Thomas has started to ride his two-wheeler (with training wheels attached) all the time now. He is up for riding to the park, to Nanna Fran's, and it would seem even farther than that as well.

Practicing with his two-wheeler

We took a week vacation at the end of July and packed it full of activity. The week included: Moving uncle Rob and Nadine, pool party, Papanack Zoo, Ontario Place, visit with Uncle Richard, Toronto Zoo, Kingston, Murney Tower in Kingston, moving Nanna Fran, a day at a cottage in Chapeau, and lots of swimming!

Bumper boats at Ontario Place.
Ontario Place Driving School.
Three monkeys at the Toronto Zoo.
Mommy and John Thomas tubing in Chapeau

While we've been having a great summer, we've been thinking and talking a lot about the start of school too. Mom recently received her order of name tags for all of John Thomas' school things. We are trying to work reading into every day (we tend to read more in the colder months) and working on counting on our fingers. Daddy took John Thomas shopping for his new school shoes last week. He has a pair for indoor and one for outdoor. He has a backpack already, there are just a couple of small things left to pick up to be ready for September. We are all excited for the first day of school!