John Thomas

Keeping Up With the Big Kids

September 29, 2008

We went to visit friends in Vermont for the Labour Day weekend. We had a great time, and there were lots of older kids to play with. I believe the next youngest child was 8, but that didn't stop John Thomas from participating, even if he didn't understand the rules of the game.

Ready for his turn at bat.
Chasing down the pitcher.
We had been playing T-ball at home, but now he likes someone to pitch the ball to him. He's not too bad for an almost 3 year old. Connecting with the ball about 1 time out of 5. Often he will confuse running the bases with chasing down the pitcher, but he's having a great time.

That weekend he took his first ride in a kayak (with Mommy) and his second ride tubing (with Mommy again). It was a much faster boat than his first time tubing, and he wanted a much shorter ride. But he didn't cry or freak out, and all the older kids showered him with congratulations at him having gone for a ride at all.

Monkeying around at a park in Vermont.

In keeping with the wonderful weekend John Thomas took his second poop in the toilet, and actually asked to go pee. We've only had this re-occur a couple of times, but we are slowly seeing progress.

John Thomas has started ice skating lessons. He's probably close the youngest kid out on the ice. We have seen incremental improvements each class. His first class he couldn't even manage to stay standing on the ice, but still had fun chasing some neon pucks around the ice, and tasting the ice.

Ready to skate at his first lesson.
Getting used to the ice.

At his second lesson, John Thomas managed to stand up on the ice a few times, but seemed to get bored with it after about a minute, and went back down on his bum. After his second lesson we had his feet measured for winter boots, and found out his feet were bigger than we thought they were. We were able to get an old pair of skates from our neighbour that were 2 sizes larger than what he had been using his first two lessons. As soon as James put them on John Thomas' feet in the change room before his third lesson, John Thomas said "That feels better". At his third lesson he was able to stand up for more than a minute, managed to touch his toes, then touch his helmet without falling down. He also managed to scoot down the ice a couple of feet before he lost his balance.

Trying to get to his feet.
Trying to stand again.
Getting his balance.
Standing on the ice!
Standing and touching his helmet.
Standing AND clapping!
Heading off the ice.
Each week has been a positive experience. Not once did he get upset that he was going out there without Mom or Dad. We hope that by the end of these lessons in November that we'll be able to take him to public skating and have him scoot around the ice with us.