John Thomas

Two and a Half

May 21, 2008

In five days John Thomas will officially be two and half. He's impressing us with his language skills all the time now. Putting together sentences that amaze us and responding in new ways. He has started to introduce himself to new friends at the park "I'm John" and will respond with "2 1/2" when you ask him his age.

The neighbours were clearing out their garage a couple of weeks ago, and John Thomas got another trike and a small two-wheeler with training wheels. The rule is that he has to wear his bike helmet when he's on the two wheeler. He rode both equally at first, but now divides most of his time between his two trikes.

He will occassionally do some peddling on the trikes, but mostly likes to push himself along, or glide down the driveway, with one or both feet on the platform on the back.

On Sunday, the fourth of May, we had two young deer come through our backyard while we were having breakfast. It was quite exciting. The largest animals we've seen in the backyard so far.

John Thomas got another chance to ride a lawn tractor at Mike's parents place when we were there to celebrate Mike's birthday.

Riding the tractor with Mommy.
Hiding by the wood pile with Kenny's hat on.

This past month John Thomas had his first shower by himself, at his own request. He was in with Daddy and didn't want to leave when Daddy was finished.

I think he would have stayed in there for half an hour had we let him.

A few weeks back, on a Sunday night, one of the Star Wars movies was on television. We tuned it in for about 45 minutes before John Thomas' bedtime. When it was about to go to a fight scene Daddy tried to change the channel to a sports game. John Thomas shouted out, "I want my Wookiee!" The next day John Thomas stayed home with Daddy since the sitter was sick. They watched an entire episode together. This is the first movie that John Thomas has been able to sit and watch in its entirety. Since then we've watched all four Star Wars movies that we have on DVD multiple times. John Thomas loves to have light saber battles with Mommy, and often tries to imitate Darth Vader's breathing. He was delighted when Mommy and he went to visit a friend yesterday and they had a model R2D2.

Daddy and John Thomas watching Star Wars.