John Thomas

Two and a Third

March 22, 2008

John Thomas will be two and a third in a few days. It's just amazing to look back on this site and see how much he's changed. We gave up the bottle in the last couple of weeks. We hadn't pushed it earlier, as he was happy to drink out of any vessel, but seemed to drink a lot more milk when it was given to him in a baby bottle. We realized he wasn't going to give it up on his own, so when we ran out of bottle liners, that was it. When he asked for his bottle of milk (which he was having first thing in the morning and just before bed), we just explained we were out of liners and he was okay with that explanation.

Since our last update, we've had a few adjustments with John Thomas in the toddler bed. After nearly a week of going to bed well, he realized that he wasn't confined to the bed after we put him down. We had some battles (perhaps aggravated by the time change), and what has ended up working is leaving his door open and pushing his bedtime back to 8 o'clock. Which is when he was going to bed back in December. We had pushed bedtime forward to 7:30 over the holidays, and 7 o'clock with his cold in February, but 8 o'clock appears to be working well for him again. We aren't having to wake him up in the morning, it is usually he who wakes us up.

There's an outdoor rink at the end of the street, and a friend lent us a pair of hockey skates in John Thomas' size, so we let John Thomas give ice skating a try back in January. He did fairly well for a two year old. He kept them on for five minutes or so, and managed to figure out how to stand up on the ice. And then we took off the skates, and he was very happy to play hockey on the ice with Daddy on skates and he in his boots. About a month later, he asked to wear his skates again. So Daddy laced them up and let him walk around the basement for a few minutes until he had enough of the funny walking.

John Thomas got this Senators Jersey for Christmas. We tried for a few weeks to get him to wear it, but he was quite adverse to the idea. We stopped trying, and left it on the couch downstairs for a while. All of a sudden one day he asked to wear it. Then he asked to wear it several days in a row. We have no idea what the sudden change was driven by, but he is definitely a big Senators supporter now.

Showing off his Senators Jersey