John Thomas

Camping Trip

June 30, 2008

Well our little two and a half year old is impressing us all the time. This morning he used three different tenses of the word choose when discussing his thoughts about the two different drinks in front of him (choose, chose and choice). While we often have to remind him to say his pleases and thank yous, it is not a rare occurance for him to say them on his own with the most delightful, pleasant tone.

We had planned a long weekend of camping over Canada Day, but got rained out. The rain didn't seem to affect him much, and John Thomas had a pretty good time. He looked so cute carrying around and twirling Avery's Dora umbrella that his Mommy was tempted to buy him his own. He was a little out of sorts when we first arrived and Mommy and Daddy focused on setting up camp, but turned around once we hit the beach.

Inspecting other kids' sand toys

Lots of fun was had with water guns (without any water in them) and chasing the other kids at the campsite. The only comfort from home he seemed to miss was watching his "Wookie Movie" (a.k.a. Star Wars). Mommy was impressed at how he didn't even bat an eye at eating cereal out of a pot, and how well he could eat a meal with his plate on his lap.

Cheesing it up for the camera with Avery at the campsite

Watching marshmallow roasting with Ashley
Mesmerized by the campfire

Bedtime was late the two nights we stayed at the campsite, and thankfully John Thomas slept in equally late both mornings. The last two times we had taken him camping (in 2006) we had problems with naptime at the campsite. Two years later it was the same story. On our first day there, he napped on the car ride there. On our second day there, we had to drive into town to get him to sleep. On the third day we tried to nap in the tent again, but gave up, packed up for home, and he napped in the car again. As per previous camping trips, he slept well at night next to Mommy.

Monkeying around with Daddy

While anxious to go home for his Wookie Movies, once we got there, he asked when we were going back to the campsite.