John Thomas

The Great Outdoors

June 9, 2008

Our Star Wars fan has toned it down a little, but we often are reminded to keep our eyes out for Storm Troopers. If we are in the basement, we are as likely to be fighting Darth Vader and the Imperial Army as we are to be playing hockey. He is very imaginative in what can substitute in for a light saber. John Thomas likes to use the Aqua Doodle pen, with Mommy using the Recorder, and Daddy with the xylophone mallet. We got to borrow the two Ewok movies from Aunt Karen and Mike, and John Thomas really enjoyed them.

When not watching Star Wars movies, we have been spending lots of time outside, enjoying the BBQ we got for Mommy's birthday and having dinners in our shady backyard. John Thomas loves to help Mommy or Daddy get weeds out of the garden. Daddy even let John Thomas help him cut the grass one day.

One hot day, after dinner, we stripped John Thomas down and encouraged him to run through the sprinkler. He was a little timid and just ran around the periphery.

He enjoys playing T-ball when we pull out his set. Although it will probably be a while before he connects to the ball without knocking over the T regularly.

Batters Up!
And it's good!

We set up a single bed in his room last week. He had already been sleeping on a single mattress/boxspring at the sitters for a couple of months now. He didn't want to sleep in it the first night, but did the second (for most of the night) and has pretty much since. We're keeping the toddler/crib set up for the next month though, as we're having visitors come with a little one late next month.