John Thomas


July 21, 2008

As we got rained out camping, we spent Canada Day in town. To start out John Thomas' first time of actually celebrating Canada Day, we went to Jacques Cartier Park in the morning. Other than the lack of parking due to the race, it was a great place to start the day. There were four bouncy structures, and he got to go through three of them before the lineups got big.

Working his way through the obstacles.
Working his way over the obstacles.
Down the big slide!
Daddy and John Thomas at Jacques Cartier Park

After an hour or so at Jacques Cartier park we made our way across the river to Parliament Hill to see if we could see the horses. Unfortunately we under-estimated the morning crowd on the Hill. John Thomas was overwhelmed by the crowds, and we left for home shortly after. After a good nap at home, we rounded off Canada Day with a very nice barbecue at a friend's place. There was good food, good conversation, and good water play for the kids. And John Thomas added to his firsts for the month by going onto a big kid swing on his own for the first time.

Mommy, John Thomas and Daddy chowing down.

As John Thomas approaches three, firsts are getting fewer and farther between. But this month, they are piling on top of each other. So far this July we have seen his first time:

We have been trying a little harder at potty training lately, and while he is not likely to tell us when he needs to go, he is quite proud when he get him to the potty at the right time.

About two weeks ago, at a friend's pool, he was jumping off the side of the pool, into Mommy's arms, in the deep end (as he often does at the public pool). After a few minutes of this, he eyed up the diving board, and decided to give it a go, jumping into Mommy's arms from the board raised a foot or so high from the edge of the pool.

Back at the same pool about a week later, Daddy was able to get him to swim a short distance on his own with nothing but a pool noodle tucked under his arms. This is a real accomplishment as until quite recently, he was not at all interested in using pool noodles as flotation devices. They were to be exclusively used as "fishing poles" or swords for battle.

In our neighbour's pool, he always has to wear water wings. After getting used to it, he will now swim short distances under his own power, but he still prefers to be holding onto someone. Even if it is just Mommy or Daddy's pinky finger.

Prompted by potty training, and observing other pre-schoolers at the public pool dressing/undressing themselves, we are having John Thomas working on his dressing/undressing skills. While with friends at a rented cottage this weekend, we had him successfully remove his PJs, and put on his shirt and shorts for the day on his own. He gets quite frustrated doing it, but can indeed do it.

While at the cottage, Mommy drove a small boat on a little tour around the river with the other Mommies and children. John Thomas decided that he had to be in on the action, and did his best while in Mommy's lap to take charge of the speed and a little steering too.

Most of the weekend at the cottage was spent in our swim suits, so we got to get familiar with John Thomas' cues just before he's about to pee himself. After we got home, he got to swim in the neighbours pool. And after this, Mommy saw the cues. She was able to remove his trunks in time, and direct him to go pee in the garden. This is probably the first time outside of in the bathtub at home, that we have gotten him to pee where we ask him to, at the time that he really needs to go. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come in this department.

Marshmallow roasting.
Using the pool noodle as a fishing pole.
"Boating" with Emma.