John Thomas

I Don't Like

January 8, 2008

Well it appears that the terrible twos have begun. But they're really not that terrible. More comical if you look at it in the right light. Over the last week or two John Thomas has started making such preposterous statements as "I don't like blankie" and "I don't like shovel". These are actually two of his favorite inanimate objects! What he really means when he's saying this is "I'm not interested in that right now, I want the other thing I'm whining about."

The car ride to Toronto was better than expected. John Thomas slept for the first two hours or so, and then we stopped for lunch and gas in Kingston. He got antsy the last 45-60 minutes of the ride but did well overall.

John Thomas was on the tail end of a cold, and was pretty clingy with Mommy during the reception the first night we were there. The next afternoon at the cousins, where there were less people, he was happier to spread out his wings and play with his cousins.

Two minutes of a toddler alone in a hotel bathroom = empty toilet paper roll.
When you're done with toilet paper, don't overlook the facial tissue!

John Thomas opened this toy guitar from his grandmother a couple of days after Christmas. He apparently already knew how to strike all the Guitar Hero appropriate poses.

Making sure he's playing the frets right
Rock On!
The Zamboni is his latest obsession. On Boxing Day about half an hour before bed he wanted us to take him to the rink to see the Zamboni. Mommy tried to explain that all the rinks were closed that day, but John Thomas knew better. He pointed to the television and said something like "Guys on the ice" as we had been watching the Juniors off and on that evening. He caught me. So I turned to YouTube and found him some Zamboni videos to watch. He has asked to watch them almost every day since. The last two days he has also insisted on bringing his mini-Zamboni to the sitters with him. This morning he brought his Zamboni book as well.

This hasn't slowed down his love of tractors though. He still gets excited everytime we see one on the road and wants us to "Catch 'im!"