John Thomas

Back to Normal

February 26, 2008

Well it took about two weeks for John Thomas to get over whatever it was he was suffering from. The coughing calmed down, then he started waking up a couple of hours after he fell asleep for the night to puke. We went to Urgent Care, and then the Pediatrician two days later. It stopped that night. We're not sure what it was, but are definitely glad it is gone. And quite surprised that neither Mom nor Dad caught it.

So we're back to the normal antics, shoveling, going for rides in his sled, and now he's added sweeping the snow to his repertoire.

I hadn't mentioned here, but sometime in January, John Thomas started being able to open doors. He occasionally has problems with ones that open out, but no problems with those that open in. He's also gotten tall enough to climb in and out of the tub on his own (including the big tub with the jets!) With all this independence, on Sunday, Mom decided it was time to convert his crib to a toddler bed. With John Thomas along side her, the crib rail was switched out with the bed rail. For nap time, he asked Mom to lay down with him. Which she did for a few minutes. But by bedtime, he decided he wanted to climb the stairs on his own (rather than be carried) and he climbed right into his bed, got tucked in my Mom and Dad, and slept the entire night! He's done the same thing the last two nights. I guess that's a good indicator that it was about time.

Looking a little like Bono in Mom's sunglasses