John Thomas

The February Cough

February 8, 2008

Rolling off the bed
Rolling around with Daddy
As some people know, John Thomas' usual routine is a bath with Daddy after dinner, then some running and jumping around time upstairs before we all have some quiet time before bed. Quite a bit of this running around time is done naked.
Gleefully jumping on the bed
So excited to be jumping around

We have an old bed mattress and box spring on the floor of one of the guest rooms, and it is used as the jumping bed. Unfortunately John Thomas hasn't been able to use it lately.

I had just been reflecting on how less sick the family has been this January and February compared to last, when John Thomas caught a cough/cold that has lasted over a week. It started off with a cough and scratchy voice. Then came the fever and the runny nose. He's now rid himself of the fever, and the runny nose is minimal, but with the slightest bit of aerobic activity he has a coughing fit so bad that he vomits. It's even worse for him outside, so that means shoveling is out for him for a few more days. He's in much better spirits now, but we still have to work to keep his activities calm until the cough has passed. Quite tough with this active two year old.

Enjoying tub time