John Thomas

Merry Christmas

December 27, 2007

John Thomas had a great Christmas. This year he recognized Santa, but didn't really know his role in the day. He also learned about half of the lyrics to Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer over the month of December and will occasionally start singing it on his own.

Excited about his first gift of the day - a hockey stick

Like his birthday a month earlier, John Thomas still wanted to take things one gift at a time. I believe we managed to have him open three gifts in the morning, when it was just the three of us, before he insisted on going to the basement to play with his new goodies. In the afternoon when the rest of the family was there to open gifts he managed to open about half of his loot. With much prodding, he opened most of the rest of his gifts after dinner.

"Cleaning the ice" with his new Zamboni in his new play tent

We started the day low key, then went outside for a while. He enjoyed hanging out on top of the snow "moutain" in the middle of the street and saying "Hello down there!" to anyone who came outside. Grandpa arrived to get the turkey in the oven as we were having lunch. When John Thomas woke up from his nap Uncle Rob and Nadine were here too. Unlike last year where he was incredibly shy when he woke up and found most of his relatives in his house, this year he was ready to put on a show.

Showing off his Air Guitar
Goofing around with Uncle Rob

It was a great Christmas, with I hope, no too much stress for anyone. After dinner the boys played with the trains and the rest of us relaxed.

Setting up the trains on his new train table

Christmas night John Thomas woke up twice, which he hasn't done in ages. It was fairly obvious that John Thomas caught the bug that had already been through Mom, and was working its way through Dad. We did our best to keep Boxing Day low-key.

Taking it easy on Boxing Day with Daddy
In the morning Mom pushed him in the stroller to the park (with his ever present shovel in tow) and a kind family lent him a sled to try down the hill. We attempted to buy him his own sled today with some Christmas money, but with all the snow we've had already, the selection left in the stores is pretty slim. We'll have to see if his little red wooden sled will be suitable to go down the toboggan hill until we can find a suitable plastic one we wouldn't worry about damaging.

It's been a great holiday so far. Mom has taken off work until January 2nd, and will be going down to Toronto for a night with John Thomas, great-grandma and Aunt Madelaine to visit our cousins. Cross your fingers for a good car ride.

Take two of the family at our place for Christmas