John Thomas

Let It Snow

December 16, 2007

Braving the storm to clear the drive/walkway
This morning we couldn't get John Thomas dressed for the weather fast enough. He had a little freak out about getting out the door second after Daddy, rather than about wearing the mittens in the first place. The snowblower in action, and using his shovel are a close second, but the most exciting thing about the snow for John Thomas is seeing the front-end loader (a.k.a. tractor) come to the street and build up the big pile of snow in the middle of the court. While out there this morning he asked Dad about the tractor about a dozen times.

Speaking of the shovel, he wants to bring it everywhere now. On Thursday night he and Mommy went to Home Depot. He insisted that Mommy had to carry around one of his shovels, while he used the other one to clear the floor of the store. Thank goodness it wasn't busy there. On Saturday he went to the mall with Mommy and shoveled all over the mall. We went into the indoor play area there, but it didn't last long as he wanted back in the mall to do some more shoveling.