John Thomas

Birthday Boy

December 12, 2007

It seems odd to say that a two-year old over-indulged on his birthday. But that's just what John Thomas did. We celebrated on Sunday, a day early, with friends and family at home. He ran around having a wonderful time having too many meatballs and too much ice cream.

First serving of dessert: cake and ice cream.

He did indeed understand the concept of blowing out the candles this year, but needed some assistance from Daddy to actually do it. Opening presents was fun. He found it much easier with gift bags, and wanted to play with a toy as soon as he opened it. It really threw the other kids at the party for a loop, as they were anxious for him to open the next one and the next one.

Early the next morning he woke up to puke. Too much meatballs and ice cream.

Third serving of ice cream with Nana Fran encouraging him.
The morning puke didn't seem to affect his mood for the rest of the day home with Mommy. He enjoyed each of the toys he got, and has begun driving his Daddy nuts by asking to read the same book ten times in a row (a different favorite every night).

Getting accustomed to winter outerwear has taken some adjustment. But he seems to just need a week or two to accept each new piece of clothing. When we first bought his winter boots in late October, he told us they were "Too big" every time we put them on him. These protests faded by the time snow hit the ground, but then we had the same argument about his winter jacket. Then he was happy to put on the boots and jacket, but wanted no part of the hat or mittens. Then he was fine with the hat, but still not happy with mittens. He's almost over the mittens now too, as he realizes that if he doesn't keep them on, we go inside. His biggest frustration is trying to hold his snow shovel while wearing them. It is especially difficult for him as he doesn't seem to want to keep his thumbs in the thumbs of the mitts.

Uncle Richard came for a visit the week after his birthday. John Thomas had great fun showing him all his toys, and racing with him across the basement with his cars.

Reading his favorite library book with Uncle Richard.

We've been having lots of fun with our now two-year-old boy. He's saying big words like:

and working on his independence. He has been able to open the second fridge and get out a juice box for a while now. And will try to put the straw in the hole (not successful yet). He insists on helping Mom stir whatever she's working on, and is convinced that he should be breaking any and all eggs that need to be broken, as Mommy let him do it once (after he started on his own). We let him work the remote for the camera, but that wasn't exciting for long. Too much flash.
Making sure the camera remote is working for our Christmas picture
We're looking forward to a happy and not too busy Christmas.