John Thomas


August 20, 2008

John Thomas has been having a fun-packed summer. In late July we had a family of 6 stay with us for a few days on their way to the Maritimes. John Thomas had a good time, and a small taste of what it might be like to have older siblings.

Hanging out in the basement with the kids.
Practicing his peddling with his fellow two-year-old.
Getting chased by Peter.

The following weekend we went to Uncle Joel's farm with Nan. It took a couple of hours for John Thomas to warm up to the new surroundings/animals. But then he had a ball.

He went for a horse ride twinning up with his third cousin Ethan.
He had fun running and jumping all around the barn and bales of hay with his third cousins, having Mommy feed the horses crabapples (he didn't quite get up the nerve to do it himself more than once or twice), jumping on the trampoline, and playing on the horse jumps.

About half an hour after we got home from the farm, he asked if we could go back. And tonight, after seeing his pictures from the farm again, he asked to go back again. I guess we'll have to arrange to make the trek more often.

And of course The Force is still strong with this young Jedi apprentice. We made a last minute decision to try and see the new animated Star Wars movie last Friday, but got stuck in traffic and weren't going to make it in time. On our way back home, we passed a costume store and decided to stop in. We were able to find a Jedi costume John Thomas' size, and once he tried it on he didn't want to take it off. We had to work at telling him that we need to save it for Halloween, so that he wouldn't wear it out.

This Jedi Master is calm after having de-masked Darth Vader.
Young Jedi ready for battle as he watches Darth Vader from the safety of behind the pillow on the couch with his blaster at the ready and his blankie nearby.