John Thomas

Spring Forward

April 22, 2008

As the weather has been warming up, we have been spending more and more time outside. Of course this means less and less time for YouTube videos and website updates. As the big pile of snow in the middle of the street began to receed the road hockey games started to pick up.

He had a good Easter. He knows all about candy now, and was able to find some treats on his own during the hunt. He looked very cute with the bunny ears on, but wouldn't keep them on for more than 10 seconds.

We got Aunt Madelaine's old tricycle for John Thomas at home now, as he is tall enough to reach the pedals. He hasn't quite got the hang of pedaling yet, and is happy to ride on the back step and do the steering. He is doing quite well at the steering. We think before the summer arrives he'll be pedaling all around the street.

Getting John Thomas to bed on the first try is still hit or miss. We're doing our best to stick to our guns, but whether he stays down or gets out several times at night does not seem to have much reason behind it.

He still loves books. He has started to attend Story time at the library with the sitter and her kids, and is having a great time there. We're still reading up a storm at home too. He likes to ask most people who come for a visit to read him a book.

Reading with Grandpa

As the snow is all gone from the park now, we have been there 5 times in the last four days. John Thomas is now able to climb a rung ladder apparatus that he had trouble with last fall.

And he is quite happy to go down the swirly slide on his own, while last year he needed to be on Mommy or Daddy's lap.
After the second day back to the park, he didn't even need anyone to catch him when he came down anymore.

He's loving playing basketball with Daddy, but we're going to have to bring a lighter ball so that he can actually manage to get one through the net. He sure is having lots of fun trying!

Our park also has a nice hill that is used for tobogganing in the winter, and in the summer, apparently, running. John Thomas loves to run up and down the hill at least half a dozen times each park visit.