John Thomas

New House

September 22, 2007

We've been in the new house for a little over three weeks now. John Thomas is still a little off in his sleeping, but seems otherwise very happy with the new place. For instance, we (well really Mommy) let him did in the garden here. There is so much garden here that there is plenty of space for him to dig.

He's also made fast friends with a couple of older girls two doors down. They were the first people (other than solicitors) to ring the doorbell at the new place.

He wasn't ready to sleep on his own in the new place for a while. The first couple of nights he wouldn't go to sleep without his Mommy beside him. But he quickly fell in love with the wide open space of the finished basement. He loves to run around and crash into the camping mats. When friends come over, he always wants to bring them to the basement to play. We also have a couple of neighbours with crabapple trees, and he's developed a fondness for eating their fruit. Earlier this week he had his first bubble bath in the jacuzzi tub with the jets on.

And he's keeping up his regular habits too. He still loves to "drive" the car:

He always wants to help with cleaning, cooking, and now moving furniture. And, of course, is still obsessed with lawnmowers, tractors and motorcycles.