John Thomas


October 14, 2007

John Thomas' speaking abilities have really improved over the last couple of weeks. He's gone from simple two or three word phrases to full sentences.

Reading with Grandpa, asking "What's this?" over and over and over again.
The sitter has quoted him as saying. "No, my turn for shovel", and at home playing hide and seek he has said many times "I need help, I'm stuck!"

He is definitely still a mimic, and can repeat almost anything. He really has picked up a variation on "Let me see..." He will put a finger to his mouth and strike a pensive pose and say "me see..." I'm never sure what he's thinking about, but it's incredibly cute.

This vocabulary improvement seems to have coincided with a renewed interest in books. We hadn't been doing a lot of reading with him since we moved to the new house. But about three weeks ago he started bringing us books to read all the time again.