John Thomas


November 12, 2007

This year we decided to take John Thomas Trick or Treating for the first time. Last year he wasn't even a year old and hadn't had a taste of candy yet. This year he knew what chocolate was and we thought he would enjoy it. Over the month of October he made a Halloween craft at the sitter's, and examined a lot of pumpkins/jack-o-lanterns on people's porches.

Worried that if we got him an elaborate costume, or something with a hat that he might not wear, we decided he would go as a "Construction Worker". John Thomas can't get enough of real tools, so we bought him the Home Depot Construction Worker set a few weeks before Halloween. It came with a hard helmet, tool belt, "reflective" vest, flashlight, level, T-square, hammer, screwdriver, goggles, and "walkie talkie". We figured that even if it failed as a costume, it would be a hit as a toy. The hard helmet was sized to fit Mommy, but thankfully he had another one that fit him fine. In the weeks leading up to Halloween we attempted to get him interested in putting on the tool belt or the vest without any success. He was very happy to "fix" things around the basement using the T-square, screwdriver, or hammer and have Mommy wear the hard hat.

Halloween came and we worked on having John Thomas say "Trick or Treat". We sneaked the vest on him by putting it on his jacket first, then putting his jacket on him. He seemed happy to wear the helmet and carry the screwdriver once he saw Mom and Dad dressing up too.

Daddy reprieving his Big Daddy costume, John Thomas as Construction Worker, and Mommy as a Hockey Player.
Trick or Treat at the first house
Determinedly walking up another driveway

His rookie status this Halloween was obvious as he stepped into the house of everyone who opened the door to give him candy. We got about 10 houses done on the street before his interest started to wane and he was dipping into the candy. So we decided to head home. We let John Thomas have some of his candy, but he didn't get out of control with it at all.

Scarfing down some chocolate bars

What he seemed to have the most fun with was handing out the candy to the Trick or Treaters who came to our door. Each time the doorbell rang he would hop off the couch, run past anyone who dared try to answer the door before him, and pick up the big bowl of chocolate bars. Once the door was opened he shoved them at whoever was there.

All in all I don't think we could have expected a better first Trick or Treating experience. There wasn't any freaking out about wearing his costume, he was happy to knock on neighbours' doors, and didn't go crazy over candy. To Mom and Dad's advantage, he seemed to forget about the candy he collected the next day. And we've been happy to enjoy it for him.