John Thomas

Big Boy on Mother's Day

May 17, 2007

Mother's day afternoon we went to Jen's Mom's to have a barbecue. John Thomas insisted on sitting in a big chair all himself and having chips as a snack like everyone else outside before dinner.

Sitting at the patio table like the big boy that he is
Anxiously awaiting his share of chips
He had a similar response earlier in the day when we went for lunch with his other Grandma at Rockin Johnny's. He is usually content to sit in Mom's lap, but after about 15 seconds of it he hopped down, and tried to climb up on a stool of his own. He had his own stool for most of the time we were there. I was quite impressed.

We haven't had many bathtub pictures lately, so here are a few of our boy and his bubbles.

Words? You're wondering how many words he's saying now? I can't answer that, there are just too many. He repeats so many words that we say each day. His favorite two-word combos are:

Some of the words he uses most often these days are:

And on a final note, he's up to 10 teeth now. Mom popped her finger into his mouth a couple of weeks ago and felt a molar on the top of each side. It seems to have made quite an improvement in his eating of lettuce.