John Thomas

Another Birthday Party

May 7, 2007

John Thomas attended his second birthday party on the weekend. It was for his good friend Avery. As the last party, he spent a good portion of it on Mommy's hip, but also enjoyed his time playing with the other kids and the new toys.

Pondering the sandbox

Avery's parents bought her a Dora trampoline for her birthday. All the kids were anxious to see it built, and the three Daddies did a good job putting it together with variety of children at their feet. We were quite impressed that John Thomas could do up to 5-6 bounces before he fell down. He had a few minutes on the trampoline, and was anxious to have another go at it later. I'm sure he and Avery (who taught him about jumping on the bed) will be clunking their heads together in it soon.

Bouncing on the trampoline

Observing the other kids bouncing on the trampoline from the safety of Mommy's hip
By far, the most impressive part of the weekend was that John Thomas always kept his hat on. Last year, he seemed to think it was a game, we would put a hat on him, and within a minute he would remove it. Over, and over, and over again. The sitter has managed to instill in him that to go outside, he must keep his hat on. THANK YOU STEPHANIE!