John Thomas

Psyllium Fiber

March 24, 2007

Last week a stomach virus first went through the sitter's family, and then ours. John Thomas seemed the least affected by it, as he only threw up once. He had stayed home with Mommy on Monday, to try and avoid exposure, but it didn't work. Madelaine came over to be with him on Thursday (as the sitter herself was sick that day), and he got it Thursday night.

Thinking about his fiber intake at breakfast with Aunt Mady

John Thomas recently discovered the fun in wearing/playing with Mommy's wedding rings.

Admiring the ring
Seeing how much he can fling his hands around and keep the rings on
Check out my bling

Wednesday afternoon was beautiful and sunny. So we went out on the deck before dinner to play in the little bit of snow and ice that was left.

Training for future egg-on-spoon races
Practicing his shoveling
Walking on the bench
Eating Ice