John Thomas

Go Boat Go!

March 14, 2007

Saturday afternoon John Thomas decided he was going to skip his afternoon nap. The three of us went to see a hockey game at the Earl Armstrong Arena. John Thomas was mesmerized and spent the first two periods staring through the glass behind the visitors bench.

On Sunday Dad had to go into work, so Mom and John Thomas went to the museum of Science and Technology. I don't think he got much out of it, but enjoyed running around without having to be held back much, as it's a very interactive museum.

Trying out sitting on a "canoe"
Interacting with exhibits in unconventional ways
Offering Mom a rock he found at the bottom of the trains.

Last night John Thomas and Mom had a bath together after dinner. Mom wound up his boat and said "Go Boat, Go" and John Thomas, the mimic that he is, said it right back "Go Boat, Go".