John Thomas

Books, Cream Cheese, and Mr. Clean

March 10, 2007

This sight is going to take some getting used to:

Most people who have been over in the last half year might notice that the bench blocking these stairs is no longer there. Now that John Thomas has mastered the stairs (and frankly, he also mastered moving the bench out of the way so he could go down the stairs), it was time to clear it out of the way. It's funny now, because he used to at least let us know before he was going to go down a flight of stairs. Now he just goes.

John Thomas seems to have renewed his love of books in the last week or so. While it has been a regular part of his bedtime routine to read books, he is now asking us to do it more and more often now. Like when we all just get home from work and the sitter's. Or in the middle of the day on the weekend. Or right after his bath, when he tires of running and bouncing around on the bed.

Reading with Dad in the living room

We had cream cheese on toast with our breakfast this morning. When I first gave it to him, he liked to dig his fingers into the cream cheese and eat it off of his finger. Finally he started eating it like regular toast, which led to this messy face:

He still seems to be a fan of housework, so I'm encouraging it when it doesn't get too messy. Here he is last Saturday afternoon with bubbles and a pot scrubber.

He really does love to help with things. Earlier this week I had him put away some pots from the dishwasher, put ice cubes in my cup, and also help load up my bag with my lunch for work. I really never thought a 15.5 month old would be interested in such things, but he seems to really want to be a part of whatever we do.