John Thomas

Agriculture Museum

Jun 29, 2007

On Sunday morning John Thomas and Mom went to the Agricultural Museum (a.k.a. Experimental Farm) while Daddy napped in recovery from his birthday party.

Checking out the horses
He was totally mesmerized by the cows and horses and really was hoping to be able to reach out and touch them.
Check out those cows!
Trying to reach out and touch the horses
Our next stop was to see the sheep and goats. They were pretty interesting, but the bleachers set up to watch the presentation were even more interesting.
By the time we got to the dairy barn and small animal barn, he wasn't as eager to reach out and touch the animals. He was happy to let Mom feed the cows the special treat, staying a safe distance away.
Dairy Barn
He barely looked at the pigs we saw at the end of our visit. He had more fun playing peek-a-boo around a building with Mom. It was a great trip. Apparently a big attraction for toddlers and pre-schoolers. We hardly saw any children older than kindergarten age there.