John Thomas

Big Boy Things

June 24, 2007

John Thomas has started enjoying taking a snack sitting at the table like a big boy. He can even move the bench out himself and climb up on it before demanding a snack (actually he says "nack").

He's not quite ready to be out of his highchair for an entire meal yet. If Mom sits down next to him he wants to be in her lap, and he gets fidgety after 5 or 10 minutes.

John Thomas' newest fun in the driveway is driving the cars. See how excited he is below. He didn't even figure out how to work the horn for another two days.

And he can put the keys in himself. Luckily he hasn't yet got the strength/dexterity to turn them. We'll have to make sure we keep the car doors locked as I'm sure he'll have the strength/dexterity to open the car door on his own soon. Well, at least for the Civic, maybe not the Element. I'm sure the day his feet reach the pedals (as we drive stick shifts), he'll be asking to start the car for us.