John Thomas

Toddler Theme Park

June 13, 2007

If I were to build a toddler theme park, based purely on the interests of John Thomas, the core attractions would be escalators, elevators and a petting zoo. Earlier this week we went to the mall and spent 10 minutes going up and down in the elevator. People would get on and ask us what floor we were going to and Mom would have to respond "Oh, we're just here for the ride." Other attractions would include lawn mowers, small tractors/ride-on-mowers, sinks full of bubbles, and singers who sing songs with actions (think YMCA or Itsy-bitsy Spider).

Macy, two weeks his elder
Our friends from Chicago came to town for a wedding, and we got to spend a couple evenings with them. The kids had last bonded just shy of a year ago. It was great to see them together again.
Climbing the stairs with Macy
Macy lives in a bungalow, and John Thomas was happy to participate in her interest in the stairs at her grandma's house. He also took some time to show her how to do windsprints.

Rub a dub dub, two toddlers in the tub!