John Thomas

Words, Phrases and a Fun Fair

June 8, 2007

John Thomas has had an excellent understanding of what we're saying for months now, but lately he has been impressing us with how he expresses himself. The other day the three of us were wrestling/tickling on the floor, and Daddy left at one point to put something away in another room. John Thomas noticed a minute later and said "Where Dad?" clear as day. Something he has never said before. He's expanded his knowledge of animal sounds too. We've been quizzing him in the morning during our car ride to the sitter's. His "meow" is incredibly cute. Kind of quiet, but high pitched at the same time.

He is improving his pronunciation of words all the time. He used to say "buh" for "bus". For a couple of weeks now he clearly says "bus". We're also realizing that was probably saying quite a few more words and phrases than we thought for a while now, but they were just hard to hear/understand.

Last Saturday we went to the Blackburn Fun Fair. We got there around 8:30 for the pancake breakfast. As usual, John Thomas gobbled down most of Mom's sausages. As we aren't slow eaters, we had a little time to kill before the parade at 10. First we checked out the skate park, then some of the carnival rides, and then we played in the park for a little while. John Thomas seemed to really enjoy this Teeter-Totter of sorts.

When we first set up to watch the parade John Thomas couldn't keep himself off of the road, but once the kids/cars/bikes/strollers/trucks started coming down the street he did well at sitting on the curb (or Mommy's lap) and watching all the excitement go by. After the parade John Thomas got to sit on the old firetruck that our friends Bruce and Dave's Dad owns.

John Thomas thinking about driving away in the old firetruck
John and John on the firetruck

On Monday we had his 18 month doctors appointment. He has official hit 29 pounds and is either 33 1/2" or 34" tall (depending on his wiggling). Doctor said all his measurements were in the 80th percentile. Pretty much keeping on track with where he has been all along.