John Thomas

Cumberland Museum Visit

July 21, 2007

Last Sunday John Thomas went to the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum for their Firefighter and Protective Services Day. Our first stop was to see the goats and sheep.

He was really interested to touch them and see them eat hay.

Then he found this utility vehicle that the firemen had:

and I couldn't get him off of it for half an hour. He was very happy to be driving. He wasn't going to be tempted to climb up a firetruck,
he wasn't going to be tempted with the water baloon game,
he did keep his eye on this tractor arranging cars for the Jaws of Life demonstration.
But he wasn't interested in getting off of the "tractor".

Eventually I picked him up, luckily without protest, and we went to see the chickens and the pigs.

We also saw the sawmill demonstration, some old cars/farm equipment and then worked our way to the vintage firetrucks. The only firetruck he was interested in climbing on was the one with signs on it asking people not to climb it. We had a little picnic, and ran up and down a couple of ramps a few times, then it was time for a nap. John Thomas had a good time, and we'll definitely be back for this event next year.