John Thomas

So Much Better

January 31, 2007

John Thomas is SO MUCH BETTER! We had a really good weekend. He played with Megan and Darcy Saturday and Sunday, and with Avery, Ashley, Nicholas and Adam Saturday afternoon/evening. He had a ball! And just a bit of a runny nose was lingering from his cold. Now even his nose has cleared up, so we seem to be back at 100%.

His one consistent word for a while now has been "Uh-oh", and of course "Mum". But when I went to pick him up from the sitter's yesterday she said she could have swore that he said "What's this?" in context. And I had had the same this happen the day before! Is he jumping straight into simple phrases and leaping over single words? Or perhaps we just understand his simple phrases better? Who knows. We'll keep you all posted.