Into Toddlerhood with John Thomas

On the Mend... we hope

January 23, 2007

This bug that John Thomas caught last week is trying to compete with the stomach virus he had in the fall for his worst illness yet. He's been coughing at night for about a week (as well as a bit during the day), but is such a good boy he isn't calling out for Mom or Dad most nights and is able to get back to sleep. His daytime coughing got bad Thursday, worse on Friday when he just wasn't quite himself. On Saturday his temperature (armpit) spiked at 38.6 °C and he was just so listless. Sunday morning, after a nap, his fever finally came down, and we started to see windows of our boy. Monday and Tuesday he stayed home with Mom. His nose is running like a sieve and he wants to be carried a lot. He will have bursts where he acts near like his regular self for 20-30 minutes, and then he crashes and starts crying at the drop of a hat.

Fresh from a nap, a snot-faced John Thomas hams it up for the camera at lunch.

He'll be staying at home for at least another day. He woke up at 8:30 tonight crying and puked a little on Mom. And unfortunately his buddy at the sitter's caught this bug too and is still fighting the fever.