John Thomas

First trip to the Emergency Room

January 2, 2007

Saturday John Thomas came down with pink eye (a.k.a. conjuctivitis). We noticed a little eye goop in the morning, but nothing much. After his afternoon nap it was much worse and he just wasn't himself. We tried to go to Urgent Care, but they closed at 4. So off to Montfort we go. John Thomas did wonderful in the waiting room. Even past his bedtime he was still making faces with girls there. By the time he got to bed it was more than 3 hours past his bedtime. He didn't sleep in much, but his eye was much improved by morning. Almost no goop and the swelling had gone down. He's been a little off in his sleeping, but was still up for having Chinese Food for New Years Eve with his Grandpa, and some turkey New Years Day with his Nan, Nanna Fran, Poppa G and Aunt Mady. This morning and yesterday he slept in for at least an hour later than usual, and he seemed to be in great spirits this morning.