John Thomas

A Saturday in Renfrew

February 25, 2007

We have taken thousands of pictures of John Thomas over his 15 months. But we haven't taken many of him sleeping. Usually our worries of waking him with the flash or the noise of the camera win out over our desire to catch how precious he is sleeping. Well he was having a good snooze in the car on the way back from Renfrew, and the sounds of the camera were sure to blend away into the sounds of the car. So I snapped a few.

Thank goodness for digital cameras, and not having to worry about the dozen shots that were out of focus or aimed at his feet! The down side of this good nap was that he missed this sight on the side of highway 17 just before we hit Arnprior:
A rafter of wild turkeys pecking for goodies under the snow.

John Thomas came with Mommy to Renfew for a party because Daddy had to work on Saturday. He had fun playing a little hockey and trying some tasty food.