John Thomas

The Varied Interests of John Thomas

February 22, 2007

John Thomas has been interested in the kitchen and everything in it for quite a while now. Even if he isn't hungry, he wants to see what's going on when anyone is working on the counter. Lately, he seems to know how things work a little more. For example, he knows that a whisk is used for mixing stuff in a bowl:

I have mentioned before his love of toothbrushes, but hadn't caught him with the camera with them lately. Here he is trying to use three at a time:

He's enjoying toothpaste too. We have a fruit-flavoured toddler toothpaste, and we've had difficulties explaining to him that it only goes on the brush once per toothbrushing session.

He has had a love of hockey sticks (miniature and full-size) ever since he laid his hands on one, but just tried on hockey gloves for the first time this week:

And his buddy Avery introduced him to the joys of jumping on the bed over a month ago. Thank goodness he has a mattress low to the floor to practice on at home. She came over on the weekend and gave him a few pointers:

Who knows what might interest him next, but we'll do our best to document it here.