John Thomas


February 10, 2007

John Thomas' comprehension of what we're saying is continuing to amaze us. This morning I told him while we were downstairs I was going to put lotion on him. We went up to his bedroom, I removed his pants and let him go. He went into the bathroom and came back to hand me the lotion, sit on the floor in front of me, and wait for me to apply it. This really blew me away because I hadn't thought we had used the word around him quite a lot.

John Thomas with terrible bedhead goofing around with Daddy

The poor kid caught yet another illness. A week ago Thursday he developed a slight fever. On Friday we went to visit his Godmother in Vermont, and the bright point was that the fever made him quite mellow for the drive down there. (Note: His Godmother is a pediatrician, so we weren't worried about him getting worse while out of the country.)

The fever stayed within a reasonable level, and he had bursts of energy. He had a lot of fun with the kids, particularly Katie:

John Thomas staring adoringly at his future girlfriend Katie
He really enjoyed putting his tennis ball under the furniture and having her retrieve it for him.

The fever passed, but then a rash came. Or so we thought. We brought him to the doctor's on Friday, and it turns out it was hives. Apparently they sometimes come after a fever. He was prescribed a cortizone cream and it has worked wonders already.

Anyone know when children usually have the spatial ability to realize that a opening is too small to get through?

Trying to make his way between the couch and the wall.