John Thomas

Pictures and More Yoghurt

February 1, 2007

The best time to let John Thomas learn to feed himself is obviously just before bathtime. On Monday we let him have his own bowl of yoghurt on his highchair tray. It started off well, but each spoonful got messier and messier. Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture him scooping out the yoghurt with his bare hands and slopping it into his mouth, as by that time, I was also covered in yoghurt.

The big improvement for this day was that John Thomas did not attempt to drop or throw the bowl, as is his practice when he gets his hands on a plate.

I completely forgot to mention that John Thomas got his fifth tooth last week! It's his third on the top, and it's just barely peaking through.

Sucking on a bottle with the thirst of a vampire after blood
Sucking on a bottle of milk, seemingly possessed, like a tiny vampire after blood.
Having a snack with Daddy
Flirt much?
Reading a book with Daddy.
What is on that top shelf?
Just adorable.