John Thomas

Again! Again!

December 13, 2006

John Thomas isn't saying it yet, but he sure can communicate it! Monday night when Mom and John Thomas were waiting for Dad to come home we were trying to play in the now dubbed "Toy Room" (formerly known as the living room or empty room) but John Thomas was a bit clingy and wanted to be held (we suspect a tooth that is near to coming through). So at one point Mom got the piano John Thomas got for his birthday to play a song and they danced around the room together. Lots of bouncing. He loved it.

The following evening, a similar scene. Mom and John Thomas move to the Toy Room and he starts playing music from the piano and asking to be lifted up to dance. And again and again and again. We danced to more than a dozen songs before I had to stop as my knee wouldn't take anymore. I tried to stop after a few, but with actions, he was able to communicate the words we're going to be hearing a lot once he learns to say them: Again! Again!