John Thomas

Using the Potty

August 24, 2007

Poor John Thomas has been battling a diaper rash on and off for the past week and a half or so. One of our strategies to try to speed up the process has been letting him run around without a diaper at home in the morning and evening.* We've tried to let this be an opportunity to give potty training a go.

Previous to this week, he's only gone pee in the toilet once. It was on Canada Day, after he had been sick. Daddy had shown him how to use the potty a few days prior to this, and after a bath he said "pees" several times before Mommy realized he was talking about pee, not asking "please" for something. When Mommy put him on the toilet he did indeed pee. Since then he hadn't given a repeat performance. We had tried to encourage potty use, but he seemed to enjoy going through the motions of using the potty (sit on the seat, get off the seat after a minute, put toilet paper in the toilet, flush), rather than actually using it.

On Tuesday evening this week, he sat on the potty seat for about 15 minutes while Mommy and Daddy sung Patty Cake. On Wednesday night, he had that look about him, so Mommy asked him to sit on the potty. He said "Patty Cake" shortly after sitting on the potty seat, so Mommy assumed he wanted a repeat of the previous evening. Mommy left the room to get a stool to sit on while she sung, and when she returned to the bathroom seconds later, a stream of pee was arcing in the direction of the shower door. We redirected the stream into the toilet, and finished the pee. It was something, but I dismissed it as chance rather than progress. John Thomas was pretty nonchalant about the whole thing.

This morning, John Thomas and Mommy were playing on the floor in his room when he squirted a little pee onto the carpet. He quickly realized what was happening, stopped it and looked at Mommy. Off to the potty we went, and he finished his pee in the toilet. What made this more amazing is that when I handed him the toilet paper after, he headed straight to the carpet to clean up his mess!

He was again nonchalant about what he had just done, but I will definitely label this as progress.

* We're moving in a week and the new people are pulling out all the old carpet, so we're not too worried about him peeing all over the place.

John Thomas' first mowhawk